Old Bawn Community School

Old Bawn Community School


The purpose of the print audit is to gauge current usage and list all devices and thus calculate the current est costs per page over all the devices, this data is then formulated to work out what equipment is required and where savings can be made.

Pre Solution Equipment

  • 4 x High Volume Photocopiers (Staffroom, Adult Ed, Admin Offices)

  • 5 x Low volume Photocopiers (Head Offices)

  • 7 x Colour Printers (Various Offices and Classrooms)

  • 10 x Mono Printers (Various Offices and Classrooms)

  • 1 x Fax Machine (Admin Office)

All these devices where bought at different times over the preceding years and supplies and service is supplied by multiple vendors with varying costs. Some of the equipment is over 6 years old and is economically not viable.

Post Solution Equipment

EMS Copiers services supplied all new equipment and were able to reduce the amount of devices in the School by 33% by installing the most up to date multifunction devices reducing the schools carbon footprint by over 45%.

Functionality was also increased as with network colour scanning and network printing on all the multifunction devices.

  • 4 x High Volume multifunction devices (Staffroom, Adult Ed, Admin Offices)

  • 4 x A4 Mono multifunction devices (Head Offices)

  • 5 x Colour Printers (Various Offices and Classrooms)

  • 5 x Mono Printers (Various Offices and Classrooms)


EMS Copiers were able to show savings of 30% over current spending on printing and copying in Old Bawn Community School.

  • With brand new equipment with greater functionality and ease of use staff where happier.

  • Fixed Price per month giving ease of budgeting with no increase for duration of contract.

  • Lower vat rate charged on solution 13.5%.

Old Bawn have savings of 30% using the EMS Print Solution