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Working from home is certainly very different to what we have become accustomed to.  While I for one am looking forward to getting back to “normal” I have adjusted to my new office set up in my kitchen and have found a couple of small simple steps to be productive and stay sane!

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Firstly, as no commute to the office, I now have  more time to catch up on all of those niggling work tasks that I never seemed to have time to deal with!  Secondly, I have found that staying in touch with work colleagues is vital.   While brainstorming, weekly meetings or simply chatting about how the morning is going within a group is a challenge whilst working remotely there are several collaboration solutions that can facilitate this.

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We offer a range of products for office, work from home or remote teaching.  All products will be delivered and installed.

  • Conference Software

  • Conference Cameras

  • Compact Multi functional printers

  • Interactive Whiteboards

  • Interactive Panels

  • Interactive Projectors

  • Laser Projectors

  • UST Projectors

  • Boardroom Solutions

  • Laptops

  • Webcams

  • IT Hardware/Software

  • Visualisers

  • Classroom Solutions