What is a Free Print Audit and why do I need one? FREE Amazon Fire 7” Tablet

What is a Free Print Audit and why do I need one?


One of the main hidden costs in business today is the cost of printing.  For almost every organisation printing is an essential part of office life, and printing costs can easily spiral.

Many organizations still choose to ignore this area. One reason for this is because very often companies do not fully realise how much they actually spend on document output. Often costs are spread across several departments making it difficult to track and provide an audit trail of print costs. This compared with multiple brands and models of printers further compounds the problem.

One major misconception is to invest in laser and inkjet printers at a low capital cost.  This is a common mistake and false economy as the overall running cost is seldom taken into account.

A Free Print Audit from EMS Copiers will provide detailed and accurate information on the total cost of ownership from existing printing and copying devices.  Put simply once your volumes and spend on consumables (toner) is determined we can help you reduce costs – up to 50% in some cases! As well as being cost effective we can maximise the return on your investment, and reduce wastage and lower environmental impact.

Our strategy is very simple:

  • What are the volumes being generated on all devices?
  • What is being spent each month on printing?
  • Which devices are used most frequently?
  • We will conclude the most cost effective and streamlined Managed Print Solution for your print infrastructure

We have been advising the business and education sector for over 40 years.  Our team of experts can examine your business processes and tailor a solution to suit YOUR business – A good guideline is that if your company uses more than one box of paper per month a free, no obligation Print Audit will be a worthwhile exercise. And for a limited time only, we are offering you a FREE Amazon Fire 7” Tablet with your free print audit. Get a FREE Amazon Fire 7” Tablet with 8GB with Your Free Print Audit. T&C Apply

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