Thermal Detection Module – Peace of mind for EMS staff and customers

The Thermal Detection Module in the reception area at EMS Copiers headquarters, giving reassurance and peace of mind to staff and customers coming through our doors.

The unit is remarkably easy to use and records every person who presents to the unit, noting the time/date and their temperature along with a photo of the person.  Within 2 seconds the Thermal Detection Module is able to read temperature and alert the staff member or customer.

Using infrared light, it will quickly and
accurately read temperature within 0.2° margin of error.  A clear visual and audio notice is issued for each user confirming normal temperature or elevated temperature (the sound can be enhanced via the Bluetooth connection to a remote speaker if necessary)

Recorded images confirm date/time/photo of each user which can be extracted from device via username/password. Manual Extraction ensures compliance with GDPR regulations.

For more information or a demo of the Thermal Detection Module contact: