Thermal Detection Module – Helping to create Peace of Mind in Public Spaces

We are all keen to “get back to normal”.  For many of us this will mean returning to work.   Employers are seeking practical ways to reopen their business safely, the health and safety of their staff and customers being paramount.

 Protect your staff and customers with this CE Certified Thermal Detection Module. The unit is a free-standing thermal camera that within 2 seconds identifies anyone that presents to your premises that might have an elevated temperature.

It works by standing a meter and a half from the unit, it then identifies your temperature. The manufacturer confirms accuracy to within +/- .2 c

The Thermal Detection unit then gives audio instructions and colour-based responses – green is OK and red is hypothermic – indicating that the user has an elevated temperature.  The unit comes with an adjustable freestanding mount. Also available as a wall mounted unit or with a table stand.