The Epson WorkForce Enterprise AMC range win awards at the PRINT.IT Reseller Magazine & Website awards!

Epson were awarded the prestigious titles of Environmental Excellence and A3 Multi Function Printer line of the year last month.  Both awards are hugely deserved for this cutting edge technology.

As the only Platinum Partner with Epson in Ireland this reiterates a shift in the market for a greener approach by using more sustainable solutions when it comes to every day printing and copying.

Sustainability in our schools and offices is no longer a choice but a necessity and the Heat Free technology used in the Epson WorkForce Enterprise AMC range can make an enormous difference.  By eliminating the need for the device to “heat up”, (usually around 30 seconds) each time you print or copy a page, you will be reducing your carbon footprint by up to 80% and significantly reducing your energy bills.

Another benefit of Heat Free printing and copying is that the device contains less parts such as fuser units, transfer belts and drums.  This in turn means that there will be less malfunctions, such as the dreaded paper jam, due to few components.

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