Special Offer for DEIS Schools – FREE 3D Printer with every A3 colour printer/copier supplied in September/October.

EMS Copiers have been working with schools and colleges for over 40 years.  We always aim to understand the challenges of our customers in the education sector, keeping up with technology to create a stronger learning experience for students being one of them.

Using a 3D printer as a learning tool in a school environment is said to promote a productive and motivational educational experience.  It is an ideal way for teachers to pass on vital life skills in a more creative and fun environment.

Students and teachers can experience a greater sense of fulfilment through this method of learning. From the teacher’s perspective, this is a more straightforward way to demonstrate skills, such as problem solving. The students are engaged from the initial design stage, right through to seeing the finished product. The sense of achievement is especially beneficial for students who find typical academic subjects difficult.

On a practical level, 3D Printers enable the students to produce something that would have otherwise been impossible in a relatively cost effective way.

EMS Copiers want to celebrate their relationship with the education sector. That is why, for a limited time only, every DEIS school that purchases an A3 colour printer or photocopier from us will receive a FREE 3D printer.

What an amazing way to start off a new school year. This 3D printer will transform any classroom into an interactive learning hub. Not only giving children of all ages the opportunity to work with such new technology, but also helping them understand and learning through experience and visual engagement.

Contact EMS Copiers today to find out more about this marvellous offer and how a 3D Printer could transform students learning.