Copier Rental or Purchase – We can help you decide

Are you considering buying or renting a printer or copier? Contact us today we will be happy to help.


EMS Copiers have been helping companies save money for over 40 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are happy to help.  We provide a free, no obligation print audit, and this will quickly and efficiently determine the most efficient and cost effective plan for your company, that will fit in with your business processes and importantly grow with your company.

After a difficult few years and unstable economic climate many SME’s can now look forward and plan to expand and grow their business. For many this means they can now consider upgrading their infrastructure and hardware and invest in new printers and copiers.  The next step – to decide upon purchase or rental. EMS Copiers can help you make the right choice for your organisation.

Up until now many business owners deemed it too early in the economic recovery process to outlay capital expenditure on printers and copiers. From a finance aspect rental has become a more attractive option as there is no capital outlay.  From a budgeting and forward planning perspective rental allows for fixed monthly or quarterly payments over a number of years.

  • Avoid Capital Outlay
  • Fixed Monthly/Quarterly Payments
  • More Flexibility – Upgrade as you need to

As part of the rental option EMS Copiers Managed Print Solution offers the customer maintenance, service and consumables in one invoice. This also makes tracking costs much easier for the Accounts department.happy office worker