Print, copy and scan all in one device! The benefits of a multi-function printer.

A multi-function printer offers extra facilities such as scan and faxes in one device eliminating the need for separate purchases and additional expense. Although the purchase price for a multi-function printer may exceed that of a traditional printer, the overall cost is typically less than purchasing multiple devices. Meaning you can benefit from increased functionality without paying for each feature. In addition to the initial purchase savings associated with the original purchase price, maintenance on one device is considerably less than maintaining several devices.

EMS Copiers Managed Print Solution, essentially the brand new device/s without capital outlay, consumables and maintenance included, is an attractive option for many businesses.

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Another advantage of a multi-function printer is conserving space in a busy office. Rather than having to find space for a printer, a copier, a fax machine, and a scanner, you can have the same functionality in a single device. This space efficiency may also benefit those trying to utilise their home office area or those working with significant space constraints.  A multi-function printer that includes fax and scan functionalities also adds another level of convenience by saving staff time walking between up to two or three separate devices.

Flexible A3 colour multifunctional printers are at the top of the wish list in many modern offices and need to satisfy as many different user requirements as possible.  The UTAX 2507ci / 3207ci multifunctional systems have been specifically developed to meet these requirements.

With more and more data breaches and sensitive data ending up on the information superhighway due to inadequate security, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is now a standard element of the 2507ci and 3207ci. This security chip encrypts confidential information on the device and is stored in a dedicated storage area. This storage area cannot be read from outside the TPM, meaning confidential information can be safely protected. Of course, they have more to offer than just that: more flexibility, more speed, more quality, more environmental awareness and more efficiency


  • Less paper:  Get one step closer to a paperless office with

    the document feeder with the ultrasonic sensor, which offers

    multi-feed detection*. Documents can be digitised at a rate of

    up to 180 pages per minute (300 dpi, b/w, and colour) – and most importantly, they can be scanned in a more relaxed manner. Errors during scanning are avoided thanks to the ultrasonic sensor.

    Additionally, the integrated HyPASTM interface makes it possible to use

    a range of different HyPASTM applications, as well as to incorporate

    customer-specific software solutions that will make your work more

    sustainable and require less paper.

  • Safer: Security in office communication is a challenge for any

    company. To address this, our systems already met current

    safety standards in a basic configuration. This security solution

    protects your confidential information from the very beginning, at

    system level: it overwrites and encrypts copy, scan and print data

    even before it’s saved to disk. In addition, the memory area for output

    data is automatically wiped clean, preventing it from being restored.

  • More flexible: The new MFPs have adapted excellently to the

    increased need for greater flexibility. From the paper capacity

    (up to 7,150 sheets) and formats (A6R to SRA3) to the paper

    weights (52 to 300 g/m²) the new systems also offer a wide range of

    finishing options.* For example, an internal 500-sheet finisher with

    multi-position stapling and a two- and four-hole punch*.

  • Cleaner: Today, environmental standards have to be constantly

    updated. For us, this presents not only a challenge but also an

    incentive to design our systems in an environmentally friendly

    way.  We achieve this through improved TEC values, use of longlasting components, high maintenance intervals, and low noise emissions. We’re always thinking ahead.