Office Scanner in Dublin

Are you looking for an Office Scanner in Dublin?

EMS Copiers supply a variety of scanners suitable for office use generally as part of a Multi-Function Device that can act as a scanner, printer, copier and optional fax.

Some of the benefits of buying a multifunction copier are:

  • Space saving – you will replace up to four devices with just one
  • Energy saving – you are powering just a single device
  • Get the most from your Multi-Function device – there are many added value options within each of the functions available to you
  • Scan to hand held devices on IOS or Android or print from these same devices – new buzzword acronym – BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
  • Scan and Print Directly from the cloud
  • Scan in searchable OCR format – never lose a scanned document again

Depending on your companies needs you may need to consider some of the following features:

Automatic Feeder: If you are working in retail or deal with handle a large stack of receipts, invoices or multipage documents that you would like to scan. An automatic feeder can help speed up this process.

Resolution: For some people resolution is very important and sound be considered carefully. High-Res scanners can scan up to 6400 dpi or more, meaning you can scan a stamp-sized image and print a poster sized image. 300dpi is ideal for scanning text however.

Connectivity: Is your office equipped for Wireless connectivity or will one PC be connecting to the machine? Generally speaking scanners will connect to one PC via a USB port; however this may restrict the use of the machine. In this case wireless connections may be a better choice.


If you are interested in finding out more about how office scanner in Dublin , how scanners could help your companies’ productivity and learn more about EMS Copiers office scanner in Dublin available, contact a member of our dedicated team today.