EMS has a vast range of digital copying, printing, fax and scanning solutions available for every type and size of business. Our broad portfolio of UTAX products comprises of award winning hardware – A3 and A4 colour, black and white printers and multifunctional devices. EMS provide an all encompassing range of software solutions to streamline areas such as cost control, archiving and web based fleet control. Our versatile software solutions are suitable for SME’s to large Corporates.




Administrative workflows often require a single document to be sent to multiple departments in your organisation, often with different settings. Managing these processes manually costs you time and is open to error.


So what can one click do for you?


  • Send the document to different devices in different departments

  • Have copies printed from various printer trays for various qualities and/or sizes

  • Use different finishing options for each copy – stapling, punching, print multiple pages on page etc.

  • Print out copies with different watermarks, from underlays or insert pages

  • Send the document straight to a fax machine, or archive the document

  • Remove the need for pre-printed stationery

Image result for black and white image of envelope with invoice – Invoice Printing – Distribute invoices to all recipients in one simple step.  For example you have an invoice printed on premium company stationery.  At the same time a copy is sent directly to the Accounts department, marked with a COPY watermark, one is printed out and one is automatically archived as a PDF.


Image result for black and white image documentElectronic Stationery –  You need to print a document on different kinds of paper with different letterheads. For example if you deal with various brands, and need to produce the same document but on different letterhead, the required electronic letterhead automatically inserts onto any type of document.  Essentially switching letterhead across the same document.  This allows you to produce and manage singular or multiple letterheads in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Image result for black and white image of copierMultiple Output Printing – Allows you to create as many duplicates as you need.  For example, all copies of the document can be printed on either one or on multiple printers.  The copies are automatically watermarked or printed on special paper.  Additional forms or text can also be included.

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