Multifunctional Printer

Multifunctioal Printer

Are you looking for a multifunctional printer?


Look no further than the number one provider to the Irish and UK market!

EMS Copiers have been reducing printing costs since the 1970’s and we have established an impeccable reputation across many sectors, such as the commercial and educational sector.

Why do people keep coming to EMS Copiers for printers, photocopiers and multifunctional printers?

That’s easy! We believe in simple things and those simple things are quality equipment and quality service to all our customers.  Key research has found that an average company will spend approximately 3% of its turnover on printing costs! This is crazy right? Yes it is, and we think so to! EMS Copiers can help you reduce your printing costs and increase your productivity!

Why should you buy a multifunctional printer?

The advantages of buying a multifunction printer are endless!

  1. The first one is convenience; the multifunction device offers you so many features that you may not have had should you have just bought one device. No need to buy a printer/photocopier or fax machine as its all included in the multifunctional device.
  2. In addition to this, you will also have so much more space available in the office, as all your needs are fulfilled and rolled up into one beautiful device.
  3. Cost savings: You only need to purchase one device and not multiple machines, thus saving you money.
  4. Power Savings: As mentioned above, you only need one device and one cord to power that multifunctional device. This reduces cable congestion and also lowers the electricity required to run the device.
  5. SCANNING! Not one of those flat-bed put a page in and go and make a cup of tea scanners – with the automatic document processor facility you scan documents quickly and efficiently in a variety of formats to either e-mail or folder – and all scanning is in colour, whether your device can print in colour or not! This facility can revolutionise your archiving/back up procedures.



That’s not all EMS Copiers provide, we also offer a wide range of:


  • Colour Photocopiers & Printers
  • B&W Photocopiers & Printers
  • Colour Multifunctional Machines
  • B&W Multifunctional Machines


We take the time to get to know you and your company. This enables us to evaluate the best possible options for you and most importantly help you reduce your printing costs!  We have the perfect printer, photocopier or multifunctional printer for you and are standing by waiting for your call! Call now on 1890770770.