What is the A.I.M of Your Businesses Print Strategy?

Business Print Strategy AIM

A – Assess
I – Implement
M – Manage

Learn how EMS Copiers can bring significant savings and improve efficiencies to your print environment, be it a large, complex set up or just one or two printers!

“On average Irish companies spend 1-3% or revenue on document output annually” “Studies show that Studies show that 60% of Irish IT Service calls are print related” – These are all familiar statistics. However, many organizations still choose to ignore this area. One reason for this is because very often companies do not fully realise how much they actually spend on document output. Often costs are spread across several departments making it difficult to track and provide an audit trail of print costs. This compared with multiple brands and models of printers further compounds the problem.

As well as increasing print costs, many organizations have multiple vendors for print hardware, supplies and service. Managing these relationships and processing multiple invoices creates further unnecessary costs. By implementing an EMS Managed Print Solution this issue can be solved as everything is consolidated to one invoice!

Staying with the scenario of multiple brands and models of print hardware this also means your IT staff are fielding calls from frustrated users with printer issues. By implementing a Managed Print Solution your IT team can focus on core initiatives and urgent projects eliminating service desk calls relating to issues with printers/copiers.

  • No capital outlay. Free up your capital – why have your capital tied up in depreciating assets

  • Improve cash flow – regulated monthly/quarterly payments

  • EMS Copiers are happy to review existing contracts – we can buy lease agreements on existing equipment

Companies are often under the misconception that they do not print enough to warrant a Managed Print Solution for their organization or that a Managed Print solution is only viable for larger set ups. EMS Copiers have helped hundreds of small companies cut costs and improve efficiencies in this area. Our team of experts can examine your business processes and tailor a solution to suit YOUR business – A good guideline is that if your company uses more than one box of paper per month a free, no obligation print audit will be a worthwhile exercise.

If your current printing solutions are increasing your costs, why not gives us a call on 1890 7­70 770 or Contact Us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE print audit.