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Buy MFP in Dublin

Are you looking to buy MFP in Dublin?

An MFP or a Multifunction Peripheral is a device that has the capability of performing tasks that would otherwise have been carried out by separate devices. MFP’s include a combination of printer, scanner, photocopier or a fax machine.

MFP’s will have one priority function i.e. a copier. This device, will then include one or more added functions. At EMS Copiers, all of our photocopiers are MFP’s, meaning it photocopies, prints and fax.

MFP’s have many benefits for both SME’s and large organisations.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Space saving is one of the most noticeable benefits for SME’s or businesses, where there is not abundant room.
  • By having one device, you will be required to find space for several devices.
  • When working in a small office, space is crucial and EMS Copiers MFP’s have the perfect solution for someone looking to buy MFP in Dublin.

Generally MFP’s use less electricity, this is because they have one power cable driving several devices. Not only does this reduce the number of cable strung across the floor, but it also reduces the energy used resulting in savings on your electricity bill.

By having these new functions working alongside your new copier, you will be able to experience a new way of working. For example, if you select a copier with a scanner function, you will be able to reduce the amount of paper circulating your work space. Thus making your area more organised.

Finally-with MFP’s- there is no need to stock up of several different makes of toner and ink. MFP’s use’s one source of ink and toner to run all functions. Therefore reducing the disposal, purchase frequency and storage needed.

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