3508ci A3 colour multifunction device from EMS Copiers

The flexibility of the 3508ci A3 colour device allows systems to be adapted to fit bespoke processes, whilst continuing to fulfil important safety standards.

Day-to-day business is becoming increasingly more dynamic and more mobile. The use of smartphones, tablets and cloud services is common in many areas and is also standard for the innovative 3508ci A3 colour multifunctional device.

The device prints at speeds of 25 and 35 A4 pages per minute, respectively – in both colour and black and white.

Whether you are looking to print documents or photos from your mobile device or scan
and save from the multifunctional system directly to your mobile device, there are virtually no limitations. With just one click and without a computer, you can scan to the cloud and print the saved documents with ease.

Stay at the forefront of increasingly dynamic and mobile office technology with the innovative 3508ci. The A3 colour system pushes new standards in print speed, quality and safety, with virtually no limitations.  You can scan to the cloud or print saved documents with just one click without a computer.

Stay secure with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which encrypts confidential information on the device and stored in a dedicated storage area.

Digital A3 multifunctional colour system

The 3508ci has many additional benefits. Firstly, greater print resolutions, print speeds and advanced colour technology.  Also, greater versatility through processing of different paper weights, formats and digitising and storing of documents. Finally, greater safety features, including identity verification and allocated e-mail addresses and management codes.





  • Versatile: Process different formats (A6R-SRA3) and paper
    weights (52–300 g/m²) and adapt your multifunctional
    system according to your processes and needs. Everything
    from a space-saving internal 500-page finisher to a dual scanner
    with an ultrasonic sensor for high-speed digitalisation is available for
    you. This system also makes it easier for you to digitalise and store
    documents. 16 small documents, such as receipts or business cards
    can be placed on the platen glass and then scanned, straightened and
    saved separately as JPG images or a PDF one after the other in one go.

  • New possibilities: The UTAX Capture Manager helps
    structure the many different document sources. The software
    solution handles the collection, processing, distribution and
    storage of documents, such as invoices, delivery notes, tables and
    price lists. Invoices and delivery notes are automatically recognised
    and indexed. In addition, all information can be filtered with the help
    of text, character and barcode recognition and documents can be
    searched through accordingly.

  • Completely accessible: Accessibility options are very
    important to us and we are constantly working on optimising
    them, such as the tilting touch panel with intuitive menu
    navigation, for example. Different signal tones give you information on
    how the system is running and its current status. Large LED displays
    show documents or faxes in the job separator*. The free-to-use My
    Panel application allows you to operate the multifunctional system
    using a mobile device or map alternative basic functions using voice

  • Play it safe: A standard feature of the system is overwriting
    and deleting print, scan and copy data multiple times. The USB
    card reader* provides additional security in terms of your
    personal print data by verifying your identity to the multifunctional
    system using a contactless card or transponder. Logging-in with a
    smartphone using Bluetooth is also an option. These card readers
    automatically allocate your e-mail address and management code to
    you. As a result, you can immediately access and print your documents
    saved in the queue.