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December 7, 2017Uncategorized

EMS really delighted to sponsor Presentation Wexford with this seasons soccer kit.  Also we think Pipers Hill College new rugby strip looks really great!   EMS were also proud to be able to help the hard working fundraisers at Network North Tipperary with their hugely successful Lip Sync event.

Are you GDPR Ready?

GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation is set to replace the current Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and will come into effect from the 25th May 2018. Current legislation for this area dates back over 20 years.  As we all know, in terms of security, data and internet use practice have changed considerably during this time. More specifically cloud computing and social networks have changed the way we use and store data.

GDPR will affect any organisation that obtains and stores personal data; including, names, photographs, social media details, health records, bank details. It will affect a vast range of sectors across business, education and health to name a few.

Networked printers and MFP’s are often not considered when it comes to  security measures.  However, these devices store and process data, and as intelligent devices have the same security vulnerabilities as any other networked device.

IT security is indispensable for secure business operations and uninterrupted processes.  Whether it is because of the increasing threat of cyber attacks, the growing number of applications and sensitive data, or new regulatory requirements, security in office communication represents a challenge for every company, and should therefore be at the very top of your agenda.

The UTAX Data Security Kit from EMS ensures the protection of your confidential information, right at the system level:

  • it overwrites and encrypts copying, scanning and printing data, even before they are saved to the hard drive.
  • In addition, the memory area for the output data is automatically deleted so that the data cannot be restored.


Originals whose data are temporarily stored on a hard drive or in memory during copying or scanning remain there unprotected until other data are saved.

Are data streams within your company protected against unauthorized access

during processing and administration? Can you exclude the possibility of unauthor-ised read-out of archived or temporarily stored printing data?


Automatic and permanent overwriting:

  • The Data Security Kit deletes and overwrites the output data in the memory area of your MFP or printer, so that they can no longer be restored. This process is permanent and automatic.

The UTAX Security Pack from EMS 

The UTAX SecurityPack stands out with an impressive multi-level security system. Sit back and relax – print jobs that involve sensitive data are safe from prying eyes. Prints are only released with ID Card or username and password.

Nobody gets past the UTAX SecurityPack: 

You’re sending confidential data to the printer when suddenly, you get an urgent call or a colleague comes into the office. This is no problem at all with the UTAX SecurityPack. The data sent is encrypted during transmission and can only be printed once an authorised user logs into the system.

This security system doesn’t leave a trace: Even sensitive data may remain in the memory of your multi functional device until it is overwritten by new jobs. To protect this information against unauthorised access, the UTAX SecurityPack provides a three-level security standard that renders the restoration of data almost impossible. So there is no fear of leaving behind a trace, at least not on your hard disk.


For more information contact LoCall 1890 770 770 – sales@emscopiers.ie – emscopiers/contact-us

EMS were really delighted to support Sinead Mohan, Michael Clancy, Barry McGrath and Jean Mulroney all from PT 360 Gym who recently won first place in the Beginner/Intermediate section at Filthy 150, Irelands largest team CrossFit event at the National Show Centre, Swords,  Dublin. A non-profit event with all proceeds going to Special Olympics Ireland. Well done to all involved for a fantastic team effort and great achievement! #LETSGO

Congratulations to Wojtek Duszynski, EMS Technician of the Quarter and Ian McLoughlin top Salesperson, receiving awards from John Cahill, MD, at the EMS Head Office recently.  The EMS team enjoyed a tasty lunch to help our colleagues celebrate their achievements.

Also pictured below is the newly refurbished  EMS boat! Keep your eyes peeled for the EMS jet – then we really will able to reach our customers by land, air and sea!

EMS already supply and service printers and copiers in thousands of  national and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities throughout Ireland.  More recently we have helped dozens of pre schools, créches and and community based educational venues across the country save on their colour printing and copying costs. Many of the créches we have spoken to have told us that they had stopped colour printing  because of the high costs involved.

 Reducing Colour Printing costs is as easy as “ABC” with EMS – Contact Us Now on 1890 770 770 – emscopiers.ie/contact-us

As well as supplying and servicing printers and copiers within this sector, we have passed on significant savings, on average of up to 40-50%, on colour printing costs through our Managed Print Solution incorporated with our intuitive Tiered Billing system.   Put simply our system automatically calculates the amount of colour coverage used per page. For example  if you print a colour logo at the top of a page of text, you are only charged for the colour used to print the logo as opposed to being charged colour rates for the entire page. (see video below).  Tiered billing is also a more eco-conscious approach to colour printing as less toner usage means less waste!

A typical scenario the team at EMS encounter is the purchase of a relatively cheap “high street” inkjet printer and subsequent purchase of the ink.  This proves hugely expensive given the retail sectors model of selling printers at “bargain basement” prices and then charging high prices for refill cartridges.


The EMS Managed Print Solution provides robust energy efficient, high-speed, high-quality printing, copying, scanning, finishing devices.  With no initial capital outlay on the device and top quality service and toner all in one monthly payment.  The EMS Managed Print Solution gives complete visability on all your print costs, including colour printing, allowing you to accurately plan and budget.  The first step to reducing your print costs is to contact the EMS team.  You can call us on LoCall 1890 770 770 – Email sales@emscopiers.ie/contact-us


Are you being charged in proportion to the amount of colour you use? Something to think about at the end of your working day…

Posted by UTAX UK Ltd on Friday, 8 September 2017